Our Vision

Our Vision is that the Lambeth Living Well Area will provide the context within which every citizen whatever their abilities or disabilities, can flourish, contribute to society and lead the life they want to lead. This requires taking a Total Place approach because the wider determinants of health have the most significant impact on health outcomes. As a health, social care and wellbeing collaborative our focus is on supporting a particular cohort of people to build personal resilience and community-based interdependence. This will enable them to minimise the occasions when they are languishing and suffer the detrimental impact of poor health, within the context of their long term condition.

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Components which will encourage the successful implementation of our Vision include:

• Rebalancing what the State does and what Civil Society does.

• Encouraging the use of co-production as the operating system for many parts of the provider system. This requires the development of a culture and skill base of all staff so that people feel listened to, validated as individuals and encouraged to identify their assets, contributions, needs and hopes.

• Enabling professionals/paid staff to ask for reciprocity from the people who use their services to encourage the building of community connection and resilience.

• Establishing a network of community based time banks across the area for all local citizens to give and receive help and support and thus develop a strong resilient community infrastructure; time banks which operate from the evidenced-based understandingfive ways to well being.

• Establishing mechanisms within specialist time banks where people who are assessed as being entitled to individual budgets can contribute both time and money to the time bank toguarantee that they can have specific help and services when they need them

• Clinical treatment services to be developed on an “easy out/easy in” basis which will enable clinicians, carers and people who use services to ‘let go’ as they will have confidence they can reconnect if/when they need to. This approach to be extended to all parts of the system.

• Commissioners to reward collaboration and cross-referring amongst providers to facilitate each provider doing what they are good at rather than thinking they need to meet all the needs of the people who use their particular specialist service.

• Collaborating with local people, so that their experiences and voices become used as one of the most valuable forms of evidence to ground planning, delivery and evaluation.

• Providers to work together to develop a virtual market place where all service offers, including community-run services, are clearly articulated and people are able to choose what they think is right for them. A key service offer will be that of Personal Guide which people could choose to use if they wanted help in understanding or accessing the market place. All services will be “easy in/easy out”. Personal Guiding as an approach is something which all parts of the system will offer.

• Develop the concept of time out space for people when they have long term health problems to work through issues together with their family and friends

• Ensuring all publicly and community owned buildings and assets in the Lambeth Living Well area are used optimally

• Commissioners for the Lambeth Living Well area to identify about six broad outcomes for 5, 10, 20, 60 years and ask that providers work together to explain how these will be achieved. Long term outcomes are essential if work on Prevention is to be prioritised. The outcomes might be in the areas of e.g. crime reduction; improvements in general health and wellbeing; better school grades; parenting and health from -9 months to + 2 years; reducing obesity in the under 5 years.

• Providers to respond to these broad outcomes by proposing the milestones and evaluation studies that will prove the changing trajectories as a result of this radically different, trusting and valuing approach

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