Living Well Network

The Living Well Network is a community of providers, support agencies, statutory organisations and people who are all working together to support the citizens of Lambeth to live well.


wobbly day

The idea of the Living Well Network is to have a range of resources at hand that can support people when they are having a wobbly day with their mental health, or are finding life difficult. We support people to identify and use their skills to find their own individual network. Their network can consist of organisations, friends, family, or someone else in their own community. We support people to feel less isolated and build the necessary support around them to stay well.

We recognise that people need support at different times and in different ways for their mental health and well being and this will often fluctuate over time.

All the organisations in the Living Well Network have 3 main outcomes, these are

Big 3 outcomes

These are broad outcomes but we think this supports people to live a good life in their local community.

The Lambeth Living Well Network Hub is the front door to community based support for people’s mental health and wellbeing. We work alongside GP’s to ensure that people can gain access to personalised support that enables them to:

  • Stay well and experience sustainable recovery
  • Have choice and control in all their decisions
  • Participate in the community on an equal footing alongside their neighbours

Co Production

The living well network works using the principles of co-production these are:

co pro principles

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